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Vil du løse verdens miljøproblemer?

Forster, Anne Ng
Har du et ønske om å være en del av løsningene på miljøproblemene verden står overfor i dag? General Board of Global Ministries søker seks personer til å være med og danne et "Creation Care Ministry Team" som skal representere United Methodist Church på to ulike FN klimakonferanser, én i Peru i desember 2014 og én i Frankrike i desember 2015.
Er dette noe for deg? Les videre, og send inn en søknad!

Vil du løse verdens miljøproblemer?

Do you have a desire to be a part of the solutions to the environmental problems facing the world today?
Yes?  Read on!
The General Board of Global Ministries is seeking 6 persons to form a Creation Care Ministry Team to represent the United Methodist Church at two United Nations Climate Change Conferences, one in Peru in December 2014 and one in France in December 2015.  The team will:
?         Encounter and learn about the global problems caused by environmental degradation
?         Develop theological language that articulates the value of creation care through the lens of Christian faith
?         Make the connections between environmental degradation, the proliferation of violence, and poverty/disease
?         Experience and witness environmental concerns and solutions in various parts of the world
?         Become equipped to engage Methodists all over the world in finding environmental solutions
?         Participate in a global community that cares for God's creation as an essential part of Christian faith
?         Transform the world!
Global Ministries will select one person from each of six regions of the world, Africa, Asia, Australia/Pacific, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, and North America.
Lima, Peru - December 2014
The team will meet for the first time 1-12 December 2014 in Lima, Peru, coinciding with the United Nations Climate Change Conference.  The focus there will be to integrate creation care with human rights and land rights issues of indigenous peoples of Peru.  The team will collaborate with Latin American indigenous people and with leaders of the Methodist church and ecumenical and environmental organizations in Peru.  It will also connect with other indigenous peoples' rights groups present at the conference.
Paris, France - December 2015
The team will meet in Paris, France 30 November - 11 December 2015, also coinciding with the United Nations Climate Change Conference there and will focus on advocacy for an international agreement on climate change.  The team will engage European young adults and will meet with European United Methodists and other ecumenical and environmental organizations attending the conference.  The hope is that the Paris conference will produce a binding international policy able to seriously confront climate change and environmental degradation.
Team members will stay connected between conferences via email and video conferencing.  Each of the 6 core team members is expected to develop a network and to coordinate with other interested persons in his/her region of the world incorporating creation care strategies into the life of the church all over the world.
Applicants should be mature, faith-filled adults with a passion for God's creation and with the confidence that they can contribute to the transformation of the world.  They should feel called by God to be a part of a new and exciting ministry of the church, one that will creatively develop solutions to many problems faced by God's creation.  Applicants must be willing to commit time and energy to this effort. 
Global Ministries will cover travel, lodging, and food expenses for the two conferences.
Application is attached to this document or available from Rev. Pat Watkins  Email Rev. Watkins with questions.
The deadline for submitting application is 15 August 2014.  Those selected will be notified by 29 August 2014.
(degrees, fields of study, educational institution)
(position, company or organization, dates)
Applicants should submit an essay of at least four pages incorporating responses to the following 6 questions:
(Submit as a PDF or a Word document and attach to an email, see address below)
1.  Based on your faith as a Christian, why is it important for you to care for God's creation?
2.  What gifts, skills, talents, and experience would you bring to this Global Ministries Creation Care team?
3.  How would participation on this team benefit your work in your home country?
4.  How will you engage the church in solutions to environmental problems?
5.  What kinds of environmental work are you currently engaged in?
6.   What specific environmental issues are affecting the community in which you live and how are you contributing to solutions?
6.  How do you see yourself as being someone who can transform the church, your community, and the world?
In addition to the above essay, answer the following questions describing your knowledge/skills in the following areas:
What is your knowledge of the General Board of Global Ministries?  Have you participated in any Global Ministries programs in the past?
Do you have any organizing skills?  How would you foresee organizing annual conferences in your region of the world to begin to focus on caring for God's creation as part of the ministry of that annual conference?
Do you have an understanding of the United Methodist Social Principles section on the Natural World?  If so, how can this statement of the church inform your work as a member of the team?
Two letters of reference are required:
1.  From your church leader (District Superintendent, or Bishop/President)
2.  From an employer or someone who knows of your passion and work on environmental issues
Please email completed application and all related documents by 15 August 2014 to:
Rev. Pat Watkins
Missionary for the Care of God's Creation
475 Riverside Drive Room 1413
New York NY 10115

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